We are successfully treating over 700 Million Litres per Day (MLD) of wastewater flowing in 54 open drains Click Here.   BioXgreen is launching it’s innovative solution BioActiv IFAS. Visit the page for details
  • Waste Management Services near me

    Innovative Wastewater solutions for

    a sustainable environment

  • Proper Waste Management Service in Chennai

    We breakdown complex waste

    into recoverable resources

  • Waste Management Services near me

    Efficient waste management

    for a greener world

  • Waste Management near me

    From waste to wealth

  • Proper Waste Management Service in Chennai

    We Use Nature To Rejuvenate Nature

  • Proper Waste Management Service in Chennai

    Fostering nature-based solutions
    for clean & green
    frontiers in waste management

Bioremediation A Natural Solution

A cleaner environment starts with Bioremediation

Bioremediation is the oldest natural remediating process on the planet in which living organisms digest pollutants from solid waste and waste water and restore quality. In the modern world, since the volumes of effluents has increased along with the complexity of chemical compounds and wastes being generated, the natural biome is finding it harder to cope.

Smart Waste Management Company Chennai

Bioxgreen’s bioremediation solutions use natural, beneficial microbial consortia that include bacteria, yeast and enzymes to augment the natural bioremediation process and treat effluents. By stimulating the growth of existing microbes and catalyzing a natural process, Bioxgreen can mitigate the issues of pollution load on the ecosystem, safely and viably where nature always wins.

Our R&D and manufacturing facility is:

  • A state-of-the-art facility at Hosur, Tamil Nadu
  • Clean room areas for finished product handling
  • DSIR recognized EU audited and ISO Certified