Bioxgreen is the recipient of the Leadership award for ‘Geospatial Excellence in Water Utility’ jointly with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in recognition of its contributions made for wastewater treatment at Versova WWTF through digital innovations and bioremediation.

About Us

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About Bioxgreen

Bioxgreen is a biotech company producing a proprietary and innovative blend of products and solutions for the management of waste from municipal, agricultural, home, and environment.
Waste management is undergoing a paradigm shift in its approach towards meeting the requirements of UN’s sustainable development goals. Bioxgreen 's technology covers the whole gamut of services & solutions and geared towards achieving the objectives of clean, safe, and green environment.
Waste Disposal Service in Chennai


Bioxgreen aspires to be one of the top waste management companies by providing robust, indigenous, and integrated solutions to its stakeholders, in the end delivering a positive impact on our planet.

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To provide integrated and resilient solutions in waste management through bespoke engineering applications and strive towards enhancing the quality of the environment through eco-friendly, homegrown, and cost-effective technology services.

Waste Disposal Service in Chennai

Core Values

  • Clean, green, and safe solution
  • Customized engineering application
  • Indigenous and nature-based offerings
  • Cost-effective and Innovative approach

How are we different?

Bioxgreen’s team comprises multi-disciplinary experts including Microbiologists, Environmental and Chemical Engineers and Biotechnologists supported by an external advisory panel of Scientists and Technologists.

We have collaborated with government, universities, and premier research institutions to build a strong knowledge base amongst our experienced and highly-qualified team. The commercialization of our technology proves its effectiveness and adaptability.

Bioxgreen’s approach toward waste management is:

  • We conduct a detailed study of the problems faced by the clients

  • We understand the goals they want to achieve

  • We carry out application engineering to find the optimal solution through bespoke services

Waste Disposal Service near me