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Domestic Sewage Treatment in Chennai

Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Chennai
Working Principle
Odour occurs due to partial putrefaction of waste that generates volatile odours contributed by organic acids, ammonia, amines, hydrogen sulfide, and mercaptans. This can be eliminated by Stinkill developed by Bioxgreen which is a proprietary product that can oxidize odorous molecules and volatile organic compounds. It does not mask the odor but eliminates it without any artificial fragrances or allergies. It is bio-organic, non-toxic, natural, easy to use, effective, economical, and 100% biodegradable.
Dust Suppression Products
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Sewage Treatment Plant
Earthzyme in the first cypher application
Bioxgreen, along with Cypher Environmental, Canada, has introduced EarthZyme - a highly concentrated, environmental-friendly, liquid enzyme-based soil stabilizer for high clay content materials. EarthZyme can convert clay-based road building materials to high-performing engineering input and reduce maintenance and operational cost, thus preventing accidents and delays. EarthZyme is not a binder but acts on the clay component in the road material. It is made of enzymes, electrolytes, and surfactants, making the soil denser and increasing its strength and density. To apply, the oil is dug and mixed with diluted Earthzyme. The soil is then compacted, rolled, and stabilized at a microscopic level.
Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Chennai
Dust Suppression Products
Dust is a leading contributor to pollution, many respiratory disorders, and vehicle damages, whilst also coating the landscape and making it unappealing. Bioxgreen has collaborated with Cypher Environmental to provide India with a dust suppression product called the Dust Stop Municipal Blend (DSMB),  consisting of natural organic materials. It is engineered for unpaved roads and adverse weather conditions. Due to its non-corrosive qualities, it has no negative effects on the environment or automobiles. The unique DSMB blend employs the functional qualities of sugars and starch to solidify particulate matter to make it look less dusty, decrease road surface concerns under moist conditions and adds up minimal structural support and soil stability.
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant
Septic tanks are generally used for the disposal of household sewage, commercial sewage, and also industrial wastewater. These are largely used in areas of a low population density and usually in rural areas. The normal depth of a septic tank is about two metres. The bottom layer of the septic tank consists of sludge, the middle layer consists of liquid and gases and the top layer consists of scum. The gases that rise from the bottom layer of the tank are mostly composed of methane and carbon dioxide. Scum is the uppermost layer of the septic tank which is the major odour-causing factor as it prohibits the transfer of oxygen which eventually leads to depletion of dissolved oxygen. In this case, it is very important to eliminate the scum layer which can be done by SeptAct.
SepAct is a unique and compact product developed by Bioxgreen for improving the water quality by digesting the sludge which eventually prevents scum formation.
Sewage Treatment Plant
Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Chennai

A brownfield ASP wastewater treatment plant that is currently undersized or working inefficiently can be upgraded using any standard IFAS technology. IFAS technology is well known to introduce attached growth process into an existing ASP.

But, what if you had an IFAS technology with bespoke consortia of active bio-culture that is “plug and play” at the same time achieving guaranteed results.

Bioxgreen’s “BioActive” IFAS uniqueness is the fact that the Media is pre-coated with native high potency and high efficiency pure culture based microbial consortium.

Bioxgreen’s Pre-coated Media has a biofilm formed on the surface of the Media which gets instantly activated on coming in contact with the waste water. This system can be retro-fitted to existing wastewater treatment plants thus upgrading and improving the process efficiency of existing treatment facilities or newly constructed treatment facilities.

BioActive’s bespoke consortia involves the unique principle of RGRC™ (Rapid Growth Robust Consortia) bio culture that works in synergy with the existing natural strains present in the effluent.

"BioActive" IFAS stabilizes in half the time as compared to the existing IFAS systems and is guaranteed to achieve the desired outlet parameters.

BioActive’s RGRC™ is two times more efficient than the commonly used Cow dung consortia.

    “BioActive” IFAS

  • pH 6.5-7.5

  • BOD < 10 mg/ L

  • COD < 50 mg/ L

  • TSS < 20 mg/ L

What is "BioActive IFAS" process?

  1. Test and establish the baseline of the current effluent inlet and outlet characteristics

  2. Understand the present flow through put into the wastewater treatment facility

  3. Calculate and confirm the air requirement of the current facility

  4. Bioxgreen will prepare a bespoke consortia for the particular effluent

  5. Bioxgreen will coat the IFAS media in their facility and will tender the culture dormant prior to shipping

  6. Bioxgreen may suggest certain changes to the existing facility (maynot be required in most cases)

  7. Once at site, IFAS will be deployed in the current aeration basin.

  8. An initial booster dose would be recommended initially and later a fraction of the booster dose would be recommended as maintenance dose post stabilization of the system and meeting the desired objective.


  • The fixed biomass combines aerobic, anaerobic and anoxic zones and increases the Biomass Retention Time.

  • BioActiv IFAS is custom designed for Industrial ETPs ensuring the pollutant under check is effectively biodegraded and mineralized within the short Retention time

  • BioActiv IFAS carries out better nitrification compared to simple suspended growth systems. System nitrification is also restored at a faster pace owing to large mass of nitrifiers getting retained on the Bio-film

  • Can handle shock loads with quick upset recovery and shall not disrupt the output parameters

  • Stabilises plants in half the time taken for regular IFAS

  • Improved process stability