Bioxgreen is the recipient of the Leadership award for ‘Geospatial Excellence in Water Utility’ jointly with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in recognition of its contributions made for wastewater treatment at Versova WWTF through digital innovations and bioremediation.

Municipal Water

Municipal Wastewater Treatment in Chennai

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Services near me
  • Municipal wastewater is defined as wastewater predominantly containing domestic waste which at times gets contaminated with industrial effluents also.
  • Major sources contributing to municipal wastewater are from toilets, kitchen, and cleaning water. These are contaminated with various natural and manmade organic compounds, carbohydrates, lignin, lipids, soaps, synthetic detergents, surfactants, grime, and food remnants.
  • Municipal wastewater consists primarily of 99.9% of wastewater (grey water and blackwater) with 0.1% solids including suspended and dissolved organic and inorganic particles.

Effects Of Untreated
Municipal Wastewater

  • Unhygienic
  • Domestic waste such as human excreta and animal waste is the source of pathogens.
  • Odor emission from wastewater becomes a primary reason for vector transmission which is the principal route for the transport of pathogens.
    • Vectors for sewage sludge pathogens would most likely include insects, rodents, and birds. Hence, they pose a disease risk when brought into contact with humans or animals.
    • Rodents who serve as carriers of diseases that are spread to humans and other animals.

Open Drains

  • Open drains are open channels, commonly found in urbanized areas and used to divert stormwater streams or other water sources to avoid flooding.
  • The disposal of sanitary waste through open drains is extremely unsanitary and dangerous.
  • However, any locality with a polluted water body serves as a breeding house for vectors that are carriers of several water-borne diseases.
  • Many human pathogenic microorganisms can be detected in wastewater, posing a major health concern to the general public.
  • When wastewater percolates into the soil, pathogenic bacteria are transported from surface water to groundwater, making it vulnerable to pollution, which is a source of drinking water in many parts of the world.
Municipal Wastewater Disposal in Chennai

Causative factors of wastewater in open drains:

  • Growing urbanization with increasing population, along with environmental pressures, are causing the impervious surfaces in big cities to increase, thereby increasing stormwater runoff.
  • Encroachment of the banks of the open storm drains
  • Discharge of raw sewage into storm drainage channels.
  • Challenges in the development of infrastructure for marginalized and economically weaker communities.
  • Indiscriminate dumping of solid waste and debris into storm water drains.


Sewage Water Treatment in Chennai


A pond is a stagnant water reservoir used for various purposes such as bathing, drinking, and washing by humans and animals. These ponds serve as an essential source of water and nutrients for species of life, including migratory birds, flora, anumerous nd fauna. Wastewater from open drains are the predominant source of pollution.


Municipal Sewage Treatment in Chennai


Lakes and reservoirs are essential for livelihood, industrial activity, and agricultural purposes. However, sewage from domestic and waste from industrial and agricultural activities are polluting the water.

River and Ocean

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Services near me

River and Ocean

Rivers play a significant role in defining the natural, cultural, and economic developments. However, rivers are contaminated by a variety of toxins due to the discharge of industrial effluents. In addition, wastewater form the open drains contribute to a major extent in degrading the water quality. The river waters eventually carry the contaminants to the ocean which in turn affects the marine life.

Effects of Pollution

Municipal Wastewater Disposal in Chennai

Effects of Pollution

  • Reduction in the level of dissolved oxygen resulting in elevated BOD levels.
  • Affects the metabolism of aquatic life due to the release of chemicals such as dioxin.
  • Eutrophication and abundant growth of aquatic weeds such as water hyacinth is the primary reason that contributes to reducing DO levels in lakes and ponds.
  • Disruption of the food chain affects the diversity of life.
  • The ecosystem can be critically affected, modified, and destructured because of water pollution.
  • Affects the quality of water making it non-consumable for drinking and domestic purposes.

Solutions Offered By Bioxgreen:

Bioxgreen offers holistic planning approach that integrates the provision of sustainable wastewater treatment and a solid-waste disposal strategy into the urban planning process. The solutions are customized application based on the effluent characteristics, using bespoke microbial consortium encompassing the following:

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Services near me
Sewage Treatment Plant
Municipal Wastewater Disposal in Chennai


1. Brownfield STPs

Brownfields STPs are existing treatment plants that have outlived their design period. These STPs are either defunct or not performing to the desired levels because of the costs involved in rejuvenation and upgradation. Construction of new STPs are capital intensive and poses a variety of challenges including land availability. An eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative would be to augment the existing STPs to perform efficiently through bioremediation technology.


Municipal Sewage Treatment in Chennai

2. Brownfield ETPs

Brownfield ETPs are existing industrial effluent treatment plants including common effluent treatment plants (CETPs). The majority of them are underperforming due to variation in the influent waste characteristics leading to negative impacts on the environment. Bioxgreen technology has experience in treating various industrial effluents including :

  1. Petroleum industry

  2. Food and beverage industry

  3. Pharma industry

  4. Iron and steel industry

  5. Textile industry

  6. Paint industry

  7. Chemicals and pesticides industry

  8. Fine chemicals industry

  9. Coffee processing industry

Following are the solutions developed by Bioxgreen for the Brownfield STP

Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Chennai
Solid Waste Disposal near me
Solid Waste Disposal near me

Following are the solutions developed by Bioxgreen for the Brownfield ETP