Bioxgreen is the recipient of the Leadership award for ‘Geospatial Excellence in Water Utility’ jointly with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in recognition of its contributions made for wastewater treatment at Versova WWTF through digital innovations and bioremediation.


Why Bioremediation?

From urbanization to industrialization, every human activity has triggered a tremendous variety of by-products causing a significant imbalance in the fragile ecosystem. Most residual organic and inorganic compounds are inert and harmless, but many are toxic to the environment, particularly the soil and groundwater. Bioremediation uses nature to fix nature. This is the safest and least invasive soil and groundwater clean-up solution and can be immensely beneficial to the environment when properly applied. As the entire metamorphosis is nature based, there is no residual waste. In the simplest terms, bioremediation is a waste management process using live organisms to neutralize or remove harmful pollutants from contaminated areas.

Advantages of Bioremediation

  • Eco-friendly wastewater treatment with low CAPEX investment helps in Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR)
  • Elimination of odour and foaming in wastewater
  • All the microbes in our consortium have been certified as non-toxic by the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (IITR), Lucknow
  • All the microbes in our consortium belong to the GRAS category (Generally Recommended as Safe) by FDA Act
  • 100% biodegradable and with NO NEGATIVE IMPACT on the environment
  • All the microbes used in our formulation are cultures isolated from native soil, customised at our R&D and production facility at Hosur, Tamil Nadu
  • Helps alter the metabolic capabilities of native microorganisms, further improving the biological process efficiency
  • Energy efficient process – very low energy as no major capital equipment needed.
  • Highly potent consortium – works at low dosage
  • The customized consortium is developed by our microbiologist team, based on target pollutant
  • Quick start up and stabilization within 60 days
  • Quick upset recovery from unprecedented shock loads
  • Can achieve the new CPCB discharge standards without major CAPEX investment